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Scientific Facts about Cotton

One of the weirdest Scientific Facts about 100% Cotton is that it is an ingredient in the making of margarine. Today there are over 43 different varieties of cotton thriving in the world today. Not just the small plant that the cotton for our clothes comes from, some cotton bearing plants are not shrubs at [...]

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Are all Denim Blue Jeans Made of 100% Cotton?

Are all denim blue jeans made of 100% cotton is a very common question. The correct answer is yes if they are made out of denim. Many manufactures of blue jeans use the name as a descriptive selling device but not necessarily use denim material for the construction of their pants. These are not [...]

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Cotton Diapers are a Necessity for my Child

100% Cotton diapers are a necessity for my child, who has sensitive skin, and needs the soft cotton fibers against her bottom. I have tried the simple disposable types, nearly all of them, but she keeps crying when I place them on her. With such a sensitive behind, I am sure she will be well [...]

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Fun Facts about Cotton?

Made in the USA or Canada, CottonMill has Cotton clothing for your comfort and style. There are many fun facts about cotton that most wearers of this textile just take for granted since they have enjoyed them most of their lives. The fact that most people forget is that cotton is the first fabric all [...]

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If I Could I’d Wear My Cotton Sweats All Day

If I could, I’d wear my cotton sweats all day and the Straight Leg Cotton Sweat Pants from CottonMill is great for Casual Fridays at the office where I work. My sweats allow my skin to breath and the feel is so soft they are the clothes I love to wear.Many people just wear their [...]

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Cotton makes the best Clothing

Many people feel that cotton makes the best clothing because of its characteristics. This includes the soft fluffiness all who wears this fabric feel next to their skin. This is a natural effect of spinning cotton into threads. The cotton itself is short enough for the ends to stray from the tight cord it was [...]

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I Finally Got Rid Of My Old Cotton Shirt

I finally got rid of my old cotton shirt. This is years after both my mother and my wife refused to repair it any more. This was my favorite shirt from my teenage years. It matched my favorite blue jeans perfectly. It was lite blue and long sleeved. The buttons all had been replaced with [...]

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What Man Made Fabric is the closest to Cotton?

What man made fabric is the closest to cotton for cotton clothes? The real answer is there is not one. Cotton has specific characteristics that cannot be man made. It is a breathable material that absorbs moisture and becomes stronger when wet. It can even be made fire proof.The reason this question has been [...]

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Which Country Wears the most Cotton?

Which Country wears the most cotton clothes has to be China? This can be explained by looking at the statistics involving the cotton trade. China is the largest producer of Cotton in the world. China also has the largest population in the world. Because cotton is used in over 60% of all clothing worn [...]

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Facts about Cotton Clothes Sales in the World

Facts about cotton clothes sales in the world are beneficial for the public to know. In the modern world of today, cotton is used in nearly half of all cloth material that is manufactured worldwide. Each year there are 20 million tons of cotton grown in over 90 countries. The largest producer is China [...]

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