If I Could I’d Wear My Cotton Sweats All Day

Posted by Douglas Gray on 15th Sep 2014

If I could, I’d wear my cotton sweats all day and the Straight Leg Cotton Sweat Pants from CottonMill is great for Casual Fridays at the office where I work. My sweats allow my skin to breath and the feel is so soft they are the clothes I love to wear.

Many people just wear their sweats when they are working out or exercising, but I also wear them when I am just lounging around my home relaxing. They keep me warm when the weather cools off when I am not that active. Nothing can replace the feel I get with my all cotton sweats.

Cotton Sweat Pants

I have been wearing cotton sweats all of my life. My parents use to put them on me when I was young to help keep me warm in the fall and winter months. My mother loved the ease at which they could be cleaned and still stay looking good along with the fact that the kept me warm so I would not catch a cold. I had enough of them in different colors it would not appear that I was wearing the same ones each day, but my blue ones were my favorite. I had asked my mother why I never got a pair of white sweats and she clearly told me I just get too dirty playing to be able to wear them.

Today I do have a pair of white sweats but the versatile Khaki color has become my second favorite. Navy, Khaki and Black sweat pants are necessity wear, and the wonder of CottonMill, is that they also have Sweat Pants without the cuff, but are straight legged pants.

To help mix things up I have two different styles of tops I wear that are sweats. There is the traditional Polo top with a collar and of course the hoodie, and CottonMill has the hoodie as a pullover, and as a full zip jacket. For the most part the hoodie versions are only worn outside in the fall, winter and spring to help hold off the onset of a cold. While I never use the draw strings on them, the hood is enough to keep my head warm and protects it from the wind.

The real reason now why I wear my all cotton sweats the most is so I can eat what I want and never have to loosen my belt, because they do not have belts. The slip knot I tie my pants with easily gives way when I am enjoying a big meal. My wife says it allows me to overeat, but eating is a simple indulgence that I enjoy and it is better than what many others do to enjoy themselves.

There is nothing in the world that would get me to trade my all cotton sweats for another form of clothing. They are easy to clean and the most comfortable set of clothing I own. They also come in my favorite colors, to match the colors of my favorite football team.