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2020 Starts with a New Logo!

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It's been more than 20 years since CottonMill has seen a new logo! After careful thought, we are bringing you the new CottonMill Logo! This completes the website redesign we had in 2019!

Here's what we looked like in 2019! Do you love the difference? Old CottonMill Logo

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Now in Pennsylvania - Meet Patty

Patty in PA

We are an online specialty clothing store! Our small facility is located in rural Pennsylvania in the midst of Amish and Mennonite farms. We are having a great time serving an ever-increasing number of happy clients, eager to have fine North American Made cotton clothes. We're glad you're visiting us at "Cotton Mill".

If you want to reach us, click on Contact Us. Our office hours vary, so don't hesitate to leave a message. We'll get to you!


Cotton for Easy Wear, Easy Care!

Cotton for Easy Wear, Easy Care!

Without question, the best features of our 100% cotton clothing are how they feel when you're wearing them and how easy they are to care for. All of our quality cottons are travel-friendly and preshrunk, some are organic. Most colors will not fade due to repeated washings, though some darker colors may mellow over time with exposure to sunlight and detergents and hot dryers.
We carry many wonderful lines of cotton shirts, cotton pants, and cotton shorts.

Because our fabrics are 100% cotton and not a poly/cotton blend, our gentle fleece lining is part of the fabric and will not ball up or "pill." In fact, our clothes actually become more comfortable with each passing wash and wear cycle! See more on our cotton sizing and care page.

A Snippet of History, Our Mission, and Our Guarantee

Our personable little shop was BORN IN 1992 when Ed Reiman, our founder, manifested a vision with fine cotton clothing by Wek. He started out with a couple of shelves and some hangers to hold a few of his favorites to share with the people in his life. Word spread, and comfort-seeking folks soon discovered "The Oregon Cotton Mill" in its hole-in-the-wall basement location.
About the owner
In 2001 Cotton Mill became a A FAMILY BUSINESS:
Norma McKenzie found that her part-time job at Oregon Cotton Mill developed into a full time love, and she just couldn’t seem to get enough or stay away, so she became the new owner and worked with Kelly and Zig her daughters to share and spread the word about these wonderful clothes.
Now, years later, the "little basement shop" has moved to Pennsylvania, and is going strong as purely an ONLINE Cotton Clothing retailer located just west of Gettysburg. These days, who wouldn't enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online?  We are more committed than ever in providing the personal service and quality clothing you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else!  MADE IN USA and CANADA is what we at Cotton Mill believe in - - and 100% Cotton and Organic Cotton is what we live in!




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