Cotton Diapers are a Necessity for my Child

Posted by Douglas Gray on 30th Sep 2014

100% Cotton diapers are a necessity for my child, who has sensitive skin, and needs the soft cotton fibers against her bottom. I have tried the simple disposable types, nearly all of them, but she keeps crying when I place them on her. With such a sensitive behind, I am sure she will be well behaved as she grows up. Just one spanking would be a terrible experience for her. Good thing she is way too young for that at this point in her life.

Cotton Dress

I have also tried the blended cotton nappies, but yet again she could feel the difference. My daughter almost instinctively knows that 100% cotton is the softness she prefers to be next to her skin. I did some research looking into the use of 100% Cotton cloth diapers and was surprised to find out I was one of the 5% that still use them in America. 

I knew that the 100% cotton cloth would be the best thing to place next to my little angles behind before she was born. I decided the mess and extra work would be worth it. I also learned that the use of disposable diapers was a major concern for the local landfills across America. Each year 3.4 million tones of disposable diapers are taken to landfills. That is something I just did not want to make a contribution too.

The more I looked into disposable diapers, the more frightened I became. I found out there were dioxins, dyes and synthetic gels in them that I just did not want near my child let alone next to her skin. Everyone in the world is already surrounded by toxins and chemicals of all sorts in their daily lives. There is no way I am going to introduce my daughter to more of them on purpose.

Another compelling reason for the use of 100% all cotton diapers is that they work differently than the disposable types. Yes they both catch and absorb the wetness and other deposits my little angel has to get rid of. I read and was told by some other mothers that the disposable types help to remove the wetness away from the skin. This allows for the disposable diapers to be used for longer periods of time so there are fewer changes. That just seemed wrong.

It was not wrong because it was not truthful, but wrong that once a baby goes, the wetness is removed and the chemicals in the disposable diapers make them comfortable again. This is another reason Doctors encourage mothers to use all cotton diapers. When they get wet, the babies know it and want it removed immediately. They also begin to realize the release of their waste has a direct effect on them. This is the first step in potty training them. With disposables, the potty training process is more difficult.

Yes it is only 100% all cotton diapers for my little angel. It is better for her and the world around her. Even with that said I will not miss the diaper changing and washing once she grown a little bit more.