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I am not blessed with to much income. I shop at thrift stores often and try to be freshly dressed for work and have a variety. I bought my first EZZE wear at a thrift shop and from that point on I was hooked. I have managed to find three EZZE wear tops over the past couple years.I'm on the constant look for more when I browse. I decided that with my income tax refund I was going to treat myself to a new zip jacket. I'm excited to order it. Thanks for the lovely tops and light weight jackets they are awesome,cool and attractive and comfortable -- Debbie Flowerdew, Wasilla AK

These are the only clothes I can find that allows my body to "breathe".I am so thankful that I found your site so that I can order really good quality clothes that wear so well. I am hoping to eventually have a set in every color!! --Anna Ceravolo, Foley, AL

Thanks for the phone call and e-mail. I thought I had responded but maybe I forgot to send it .... Anyway - you are correct they are for the same person so please switch out the 52" Mandarin for the closest to a 44" (or large). You guys are GREAT - unbelievable customer service. This would never happen at any other website. Thanks so much.

--Beth W., York Maine

Found you on the internet and then visited your store. In Texas, cotton is everyone's favorite.

--Carole Cohen, Plano, Tx

I had worn Taylor & Brooks jeans before and was searching websites that carried this brand and was glad to find Cottonmill. I ordered my first pair and was excited to receive my new jeans. I just got a coupon with my order and have just ordered two more pairs in colors that I am looking forward to wearing.

--Connie Haltom, Fayetteville, AR

I get itchy and rashy if I do not wear cotton clothes. My daughter had exzema bad as a child and always needed 100% cotton clothing. --Deborah Weise, Fair field, CA

Love the "feel" of cotton! --Eren Oakes

In the late 1990's I was visiting Cambria, California when I came upon a shop that carried "WEK" shirts. I purchased this wonderful oversized shirt and had it for about 12 years. When it finally got too worn out and needed a new one, I checked the label in the collar, googled the name and came up with Oregon Cotton Mill. I was thrilled to find not only the Unisex shirt I loved in my denim color, but many other colors as well. I now have black, red, pink, latte, navy and blue. I use these shirts as overlays and by the way, I alter and decorate them with appliques and am currently working on a needlepoint to have stitched into the back. --Estelle Lewis, Staten Island, New York

Heidi ColquhounYears ago I purchased 2 mandarin collar shirts. I wore them out and couldn't find you again. Finally I have found you! More orders are coming. Wish you had the mandarin collar ones again. --Heidi Colquhoun

Cotton, there is nothing that feels as cozy, homey, and natural. Trying to find 100% cotton products had been an ordeal, like looking for the Loch Ness Monster, and they I discovered Oregon Cotton Mill. Not recycled soda bottles, not made in Sri Lanka, but a natural product made in North America, something to take pride in. I am so happy to have discovered your cotton mill and glad I am not supporting a third world country with slave labor. --Ilene Stanton; Endicott, NY

Jacquelyn, Los AngelesAlthough I have just discovered your site, via a PUblishers Clearing House Search & Win campaign, I am just wild about the idea of being able to find stylish, comfortable, 100% COTTON clothing. The 'change' made me a true believer in natural fibers---Cotton, silk and lightweight wool---because the fabrics a redurable, versatile and above all, self-ventilating! Now, when the 'power surges (DON'T call them 'hot flashes'!!) hit, I am ready with my favorite breathablew fabrics. 100% cotton, made in America---what's not to like? I look forward to acquiring a closet-full of your clothing, so I can leave behind the rayon and other synthetic fabrics that make life in the torrid zones so miserable! --Jacquelyn, Los Angeles

I bought one of the honeycomb shirts a few years ago at a store somewhere. Loved it but couldn't find more. Just got lucky and found you on line. You have been a great find! Thanks!! --Joan Lewan, San Diego, CA

My son Tyler is severely allergic to all fabrics but cotton. What a blessing it was to find your store. This will be my second purchase. Thanks again, Joy --Joy White

Linda WalterI visited a small shop in Laguna Beach and fell in love with your clothes. I bought a yellow long sleeve shirt for my husband and we both wore it. Finally he bought me one of my own. We've been faithful customers since. I even have friends that began shopping here because they loved my tops. And I just ordered a shirt for Carol's birthday gift. --Linda Walter

Years ago I found a Sea Breeze sweatshirt (loved it) I searched online and to my delight, found that Oregon Cotton sold that brand. I just purchased the crinkle cotton pin tuck shirt in royal and the mandarin top by Ezze Wear in denim. I was not disappointed. Both beautiul and soooooo comfortable. Love the all cotton and love that they are made in the USA and Canada. You give such a personal touch with a handwritten note and free pen. Quality,style and for a great price. --Marilyn, Redmond Oregon

Patricia Rains, San Diego 1.) I travel for business mostly in the tropics, so cotton is the natural choice to stay cool and comfortable. Your casual styles are perfect, and your special fabric weaves stay neat, so I don't look like I slept under a tree in the jungle last night.
2.) A friend who investigates airplane crashes told me to always wear either cotton or wool fabrics (never polyester) when traveling, because cotton and wool protect your skin from fire (synthetics do the opposite). --Patricia Rains, San Diego

Me again. I forgot to mention that I was wearing an EZZE Wear corded jacket in that photo I just sent you. I was giving a travel seminar. I have 3 different colors of that jacket, plus more tops and pants in that corded cotton material. I just ordered some more. Keep up your excellent work. Pat Rains --Patricia Rains, San Diego

Love the cotton products at Oregon Cotton Mill. My favorite is the Dream Jean. The most comfortable pant, great to travel with as can dress them up or be casual. Plus the service at Oregon Cotton Mill is the best, thanks to the the personal service of Norma and Kelly. --Peggy Stap, Moss Landing

R Mary Harless, ElwoodBeing allergic to polyester, I started buying the double draw shirts around 25 years ago from other venders. I always thought they were call Canton Shirts. When I no longer could find them, I started googling for Canton shirts, but instead found that I really wanted Canton Cotton. Then God blessed me with the Oregon Cotton Mill. I was so excited that I could buy an unlimited supply of cotton clothing that I really liked. I made up my mind, that this was the clothing I was going to wear all the time after my retirement. That time has come, and I love my Oregon Cotton Mill clothes! I hope someday they bring the double draw shirt back. Of couse being a machine embroidery addict, all my shirts are embroidered. They make a wonderful palette for my many designs. --R Mary Harless, Elwood

MANY years ago (my now 34-year-old daughter was in Middle School) we bought a black (one of her school colors) cotton hoodie from the original Cotton Mill (in the lower level of 5th St. Mkt.) from Ed. The cuffs have finally worn out, but I'm still wearing it!
I have an entire wardrobe, summer and winter, of Cotton Mill clothing. Have tried to find similar quality of all-cotton clothing in the stores--hours of shopping with very little to show.
Cotton Mill has just the right stuff in one easy on-line shopping trip!
Have left Eugene, but so happy to still be able to shop my favorite store! --Wendy Butler-Boyesen, Sioux Falls, SD

Arleen McGovern Cotton is the ideal fabric for form and function.Cotton is comfortable all year round. I love it. --Arleen McGovern

Nikki Rust, Appleton, WII don't know what I'd do without Oregon Cotton Mill. YOU ARE my wardrobe! Here I am in my Cali Clam Diggers and one of my favorite shirts from EZZE Wear.  Thank you for carrying such great clothes. --Nikki Rust, Appleton, WI

"Last fall I was introduced to your Canton Pants, and honestly, I don't know how I'd get through the winters here without them. I'm a kindergarten teacher and spend half the day on the floor with the kids. These pants are always comfortable, and I never have to mess with them to have them look good either. " Vickie
--Vickie Harris, Florence, OR

Karen Sebor, Chardon OHIOWell, I like fabric (dabble in quilting) and quilters know that cotton is THE BEST FABRIC {the ONLY fabric!!} and husband is a plumber and lives by the mantra of 100% cotton also because it breathes and also isn't a combination of easily flammable chemicals. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!! LOL Love you site. New to it! Karen Sebor - OHIO --Karen Sebor, Chardon OHIO

"Oh my gosh, I'm in love! I needed a new pair of jeans for summer so when I was recently in your store I tried on a pair of your Dream Jeans. Well...that was it! I asked that the tag just be cut off - you know how you do when you don't want to change back again - and I've been wearing them practically every day since. They're wonderful. Thank you for having them."
--Nancy Jenkins, Newport, OR

Carol Beckley, Eugene, ORMy history with Cotton Mill goes back to 2005 when I took Ezze Wear clothes on vacation to France for a family wedding. I was sold when I was left to hang out clothes to dry and my Ezze wear was dried and put away way before anybody elses! Cotton Mill clothes have been my main wear on every vacation (and at home)and will be perfect to wear in Asia!
--Carol Beckley, Eugene, OR

I have always loved cotton clothes but have been having a hard time finding them. I went on the internet and found Oregon Cotton Mill and have been very happy with the clothes I buy from them and love being able to just go on the internet to find them.
Staff is great to talk with--outstanding all together! --Patricia E. Morris; Port Angeles WA

I got my order yesterday in record speed! I am sooo impressed with your company. Thank you for my wonderful Cloud Nine Dress. I love the colors and the fabric and the service was amazing!
A very satisfied new customer,"

--D.B., San Francisco, CA

Was traveling in southern Calif. It was so HOT! So bought 4 shirts and 4 pants. Absolutely saved my trip, and I have become a cotton lover ever since. They are my favorites to wear, bar none! And, there is nothing like ALL COTTON for comfort. Anyway, I have been buying cotton ever since.
--Patti Cavender, Eugene

Deanna Taylor Kettle Falls WAI was first introduced to Ezze Wear on a trip to Mexico. I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and cool. I have gotten many compliments. I recently purchased a blouse from Oregon Cotton Mill. I wore it to a festival in very hot weather enjoying feeling the cooling air moving through the Dotty Gauze fabric. --Deanna Taylor Kettle Falls WA

"Just returned from a one month trip to Europe and wanted to tell you how great your Hip Pocket Pants are. Best pants I have ever worn to travel in. Quick to dry and never look travel worn. I am going to China in Oct and will have three pair of your pants in my suitcase.
> Thanks again."  Roger --Roger Williams, Salem, OR

"Ordering from the Cotton Mill has always been very easy. I've ordered by phone and each time was a pleasant experience with a helpful sales person on the other end of the phone. The orders arrive quickly and in wonderful shape. Keep providing high quallity cotton products that are made in our Country - love them!"  Thank you, Joan --Joan Kleber, Mentor, Ohio

"Hi Norma...Please feel free to use my email message as a testimonial. Believe me…my satisfaction is not just because of a free pair of sweats. It’s because of the immediate phone call and the sincerity of Pat’s concern. That level of customer respect just doesn’t exist anymore these days. You-guys should be the “poster child” for customer service. Actually it’s more than “customer service".  It’s “customer commitment”.  A lot of companies “talk the talk”. But you-guys “walk the walk” and that’s what separates you from the pack.Bravo!" Ron --Ron Kaufman, Charlotte, NC

Awesome! My favorite store for quality cotton clothing!Plus, the service is wonderful... always helpful, respectful and positive. --joanie heydt, Winona, MN

Lorna Avery Scott, CorvallisIt has been a long time, and I don't remember just how I first became acquainted with Oregon Cotton Mill. Over the years your offerings have been special favorites of my husband. He used to have the Weekender in every color--hmmm, it might be time to reintroduce him to those! Now he wears your pants and almost never puts on jeans. I am so glad you are still around! --Lorna Avery Scott, Corvallis

"I live in a rural area and often order online. I've dealt with many companies and have to say you folks get an 'A+' rating. Kudos to you and your staff for doing such a terrific job. Your website is also very user-friendly, and I like that you use real people as models. My orders are always filled promptly and correctly, which is very refreshing."  Judith --Judith Rudow, Greenbank, WA

"Everything looks great on the pages- WOW -I wear my new clothes everywhere and let people know where I got them. I am so happy with my new wardrobe. I have 'try-on' days where I mix and match to see what I can come up with. Thank you so very much for all your help. My sis loved hers also. From a satisfied customer and friend, Louise."
--Louise Nyquist, Scio, OR

Don't change a thing. I have made a number of purchases from you and have been very happy with the product and customer service (loved my communications with Norma). Yesterday went shopping at local stores and found nothing. Could hardly wait to get back to Oregon Cotton Mill!
--Mary Smith, Long Lake, MN

"Yeah!! It's finally summer and I get to wear my new Kaftan Dress. Very cool & comfy! And now I've discovered your Dream Jeans!  They've spoiled me completely.  I'll never compromise on jeans again!"  Julie --Julie Schulte, Eugene

My husband is very sensitive to dyes & synthetics. Was searching for 100% cotton sweats or tees for a Christmas gift for him. Found you. Am very thankful. --Cecilia Leighton

I am extremely sensative to all synthetic materials. Finally found trusted, made in USA, sellers.
Thanks, --Pauline, Springfield, Mo.