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Slip into a Kaftan Cotton Dress!

Posted by Douglas Gray on 13th May 2019

What is a Kaftan dress? A kaftan is a fluid fluffy comfort garment, usually with long loose sleeves. Fluffy, light weight and cool our Crinkle Cotton Kaftan Dress will be perfect for those … read more

The Cotton Gin. An Invention that Changed the World

Posted by Kevin S on 13th May 2019

Ever wonder how we got all of that cotton to make cotton clothes?In the early days of cotton harvesting, all the cotton seeds had to be picked out of the cotton balls by hand. This process was very sl … read more

Can we live without Cotton?

Posted by Douglas Gray on 18th Oct 2016

Can we live without Cotton? At the same standard of living and level of convenience the only answer is no way. Cotton has been used by mankind for over 9,000 years that is known and probably before th … read more

Can Poor Countries Afford Cotton Products?

Posted by Douglas Gray on 10th Sep 2015

Can poor countries afford cotton clothing products? Yes, most of the clothes produced in the developing counties are exported, but there are still many made for the local populations. They are not fro … read more