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Sizes & Care

Our Sizing Charts

Women's Styles
Women's Size
XS 5 - 6
SM 8 - 10
MD 10 - 12
LG 14 - 16
XL 16 - 18
Unisex Pants & Shorts
Unisex Women's Men's Waist
SM 8 - 10 24" - 26"
MD 12 - 14 28" - 32"
LG 16 - 18 34" - 36"
XL 18 - 20 38" - 40"
XXL 22+ 42" - 44"
Unisex Shirts
Unisex Women's Men's
XS 10 - 12 SM - MD
SM/MD 14 - 16 MD - LG
LG/XL 18 - 20 XL+
XXL 22+ XXL+

UNISEX Sizing means it is generally
a fuller cut than Women's.


Smartwool Sock Sizes

Adult Sizes US Men US Women Euro UK
Small N/A 4 - 6.5 34 - 37 2 - 4.5
Medium 6 - 8.5 7 - 9.5 38 - 41 5 - 7.5
Large 9 - 11.5 10 - 12.5 42 - 45 8 - 10.5
X Large 12 - 14.5 N/A 46 - 49 11 - 13.5


General Clothing Care

Without question, the best feature of our 100% cotton clothing is its easy care. Although all of our clothing is preshrunk, there will be a slight tightening of fabrics after being washed. Most colors will not fade due to repeated washings, however the darker colors like black, red and navy will lose some of their "sharpness" over time with washing and wear.

Because our fabrics are 100% cotton and not a poly/cotton blend, our gentle fleece lining is part of the fabric and will not ball up or "pill." In fact, our clothes actually become more comfortable with each passing wash and wear cycle!

Normal Care

For the best care, it is recommended you machine wash in COLD water and air dry or machine dry in a cool/air dryer - no heat. Our breezy, light fabrics dry quickly with air drying: so just wash in cool water, hang dry and wear! - no need to baby things. To keep that new soft feel, particularly if you have hard water, adding some fabric softener to the rinse can be a good thing. But with some of the lighter weight fabrics for summer, we recommend only partial machine air drying. For smooth, ready-to-wear garments, just take them out of the air dryer while still a little damp. Smooth things out by hand, and let them finish drying on a hanger. The look and feel is far worth the effort.

Heavy Dirt & Stains

For treating most of our fabrics, a longer soak cycle at the outset of washing will lift the heavy dirt. If needed, you can also apply a gentle pre-wash product, such as a Woolite product or Spray'N Wash™ or Shout™, and then allow the product to work for a few minutes and wash in cool water as recommended. An exception to this general rule is the recommendation from Ezze Wear.  They recommend that you do not spot treat their products at all.

UNISEX & PLUS Size Information

UNISEX Sizing means it is generally a fuller cut than Women's.
PLUS Sizing is now available from most of our suppliers.

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