Fun Facts about Cotton?

Posted by Douglas Gray on 21st Sep 2014

Made in the USA or Canada, CottonMill has Cotton clothing for your comfort and style. There are many fun facts about cotton that most wearers of this textile just take for granted since they have enjoyed them most of their lives. The fact that most people forget is that cotton is the first fabric all babies are wrapped in when they are born which makes cotton the first material they will experience the feel of. This first experience sets the standard for just how a textile should feel next to our skin. 

Cotton Dress

Cotton is also the most popular and most often worn textile not only today but throughout history of mankind. Not only is the softness of this cloth appreciated but also the other characteristics it possesses which are side effects to the reason it is so soft. The softness originates from the very small amount of contact this textile actually makes with your skin. Very small stands of cotton emanate from the fabric creating a buffer like zone. It is in this buffer zone that air is trapped helping to separate the temperature from outside the material to what is felt on your skin. Not only is this minimal contact soft but it will also help to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That is why the clothing Made in the USA and Canada that are found at CottonMill are so popular.

Another fact about cotton that is not mentioned much is its ability to survive. It can be found around the world in tropical and subtropical environments. This occurred because the cotton seed has an ability to travel long distances and still be able to be viable enough to grow a plant. Because of this ability to travel wherever the winds blow, no one knows exactly where cotton is native too. It can be found on all continents except Antarctica. This includes many of the smaller Pacific islands. 

The white variety of cotton being grown today is relatively new. Before the industrial revolution and the dyeing process for textiles were developed, cotton was grown in multiple colors. Natural colors of cotton other than white include a lite purple, brown and a rust color. Each plant has it own color and consistency in the plants was not obtainable. Because of this only white cotton is grown today. This allows for a consistent color of the fabric that is used in the making of clothing and other cotton made materials because it is dyed. 

Not all cotton fibers are long and can be woven for use in the textile industry. The shorter stands of cotton are separated from the longer ones in the cotton gin. They are called linters. They still have the same characteristics of the longer strands and are used in the making of bandages and cotton balls.

The stalk of the cotton plant is used today for much more than just fertilizer. It can also be processed into ethanol for use as a fuel in automobiles today.

Just one bale of cotton can make over 200 pairs of blue jeans. With over 1 million bales created each year, cotton is now the largest non-food item grown in the world.