What are the three main advantages of cotton clothing?

Posted by Kevin S on 2nd Mar 2022

In all products sold on the global market there is advertising involved. This includes the advertising Cotton Threadof the advantages of cotton made cloths. In American there is a law that makes manufactures tell the truth in their advertising. For the cotton industry they make the claim that there are advantages of wearing all cotton clothes.

For many Americans the leading reason they desire and some have to wear 100% cotton clothes is because cotton is hypoallergenic. This technical term can be easily explained. Cotton is a fabric that does not irritate the skin of a person wearing clothes made from it. This is true even when the wearer is hot and perspiring. Synthetic cloths tend to irritate the pores of the skin when hot and open. Cotton does not. Cotton is a breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe which reduces and eliminates the possibility of rashes, including heat rashes from appearing on the skin of a person wearing cotton clothing. Another reason cotton is considered hypoallergenic is that it is dust mite resistant. For Americans who have allergies, this is an important factor. Dust mites along with the pollen they transport can cause an allergic reaction to a person exposed to them.

For many the environment is high on their list of concerns. Cotton is a very environmental friendly fabric. Because it is a natural product consisting of cellulosic fibers only, cotton is also 100% biodegradable. If for some reason cotton fabric makes it way to a land fill, it will decompose and help to fertilize the area where it is placed. There are no harsh chemicals in its makeup that would pose a threat or hazard to plant or wildlife. The varieties of cotton today can also be grown and harvested without the aid of pesticides. This is mainly in reference to organic cotton which has grown in popularity over the past decade.

A third quality that most consumers appreciate about cotton is that it is an extremely durable fabric. Many manufactures of children’s clothes use cotton for their products. This natural fabric can be worn hard and even abused by the wearer and it will still look and hang on the child with little to no depreciation on its appearance. Cotton cloths can be washed repeated and still be used by growing children for years. Its soft texture also contributes to its reduction is irritating skin even if a rash is present from a cold or allergy.

100% cotton clothes is the best source for a parent when needing a natural fabric to be next to their family’s skin. The cloth is breathable in the summer and helps to keep the wearer warm in the winter months. It ability to withstand rough treatment enables cotton cloths to be passed down from child to child that can not only keep them well dresses, but save money for their parents.