Support America - Buy 100% cotton clothes made in the USA!

The purchase of 100% cotton cloths made in America is about more than just being patriotic, it is Cotton Fieldabout supporting your neighbor. This concept is very easy to understand. Everyone in America has to work and make a living. By making purchases of the products made in America by Americans, those businesses prosper and can employ Americans for years to come. Those employees can then make purchases on American goods. The more this occurs, the better the US economy will be and the stronger the nation as a whole will grow.

The concept of supporting American by purchasing items grown and made here is not a new one. What is coming into this equation is just how the money being spent on foreign goods is being spent by those foreign nations. If we keep our money here at home, maybe many US factories and businesses can grow.

With the decrease in profits in America and the increase in revenue going to other countries, it will be much harder for the businesses here at home to have the funds with which to build and grow their work force.

The purchasing of American made products is more than just the right thing to do so your neighbor will have an income, it is also essential for national economic security reasons. So every cotton shirt you buy that was made in the USA helps the companies that are are involved in the making of those items. From the farmer, the tractor maker, the seed maker, the trucking firm, and many more. You see it's not just one business we support, it is many and those businesses have real people working there to supply the needed services needed in the production of these products.

By buying USA made products, Americans are making it possible to have a strong economy and a strong centralized government. The more revenue that is kept in our country, the stronger we will be on the global stage. With the market place being global today, this concept is essential for the continued growth of America and the American way of life.

So where possible support your local communities by buying their local or nationally made goods.