Can I buy 100% USA Cotton Clothes?

Many Americans have asked the question can, I buy 100% USA cotton clothes? The answer is yes.Cotton Thread What the American consumer has to be careful about is that American cotton can be labeled as organic, but not all organic cotton is grown in America.

There are numerous outlets for the purchase of clothing apparel made of 100% US grown cotton. This industry is providing the homeland with high quality products made by Americans for Americans. By purchasing these products made in America, more Americans have an income that they can spend which in America which is improving the economy. The clothes produced in America are also known for lasting a longer time making them the economical preferred choice over cheaper foreign imports that wear out faster and need to be constantly replaced or repaired.

The American cotton industry is the 4th largest agricultural product in the nation in terms of revenue. It is also the 5th largest in terms of farmland used. The total impact of the US cotton industry on the American economy is over $100 billion annually and growing. This growth is in part contributed to Americans purchasing more clothing apparel made from US grown cotton products.

To help the American consumer in identifying clothing items made of US cotton and made in America requires some knowledge of the legal process. The Made in America label can only be used on items made with American raw materials and manufactured in America. If imported material is used in the construction of a product, including clothes, then the label must identify the country of origin for the raw materials. It can then say finished in America. The exception to this requirement is use of zippers or buttons made abroad in the finished goods do not have to be disclosed by US law.

There are some textile companies in America that do import foreign grown cotton products. By law they cannot legally label those items as Made in America. The US customs agency allows foreign grow cotton into America but on the invoice the county of origin must be clearly stated. It is the responsibility of the garment manufacture to place the correct label on the clothing item once it is finished.

There are some manufactures that use the implied impression that their products are of American origin. One of the most common is made of American quality or true American quality. Neither of these statements has any bearing on the material that is used in the product.

For your cotton cloths to be all American cotton that is then processed and made into the items you want to purchase, then they can only have the Made In America label. All others are not equal and contain foreign elements. It really is that simple.