Why I wear only 100% cotton clothes

Posted by Douglas Gray on 10th Jul 2014

The reason why I wear only 100% cotton clothes is the way in which if feels on my skin. I also 100% Cotton Clothesappreciate many of the characteristics of cotton cloths that are inheritant to the fabric.

Cotton is a fabric that will not only help to keep you cool in the summer but also warm in the winter months. The secret to this duality is in the way the cotton fabric is woven and its effects on the conditions it encounters while being worn. The fibers of the cotton fabric actually keep the cloth from making large scale contact with the skin. This creates a barrier between the fabric and the skin much in the way insulation is a person’s home works. With no direct contact, the sun shining on the cotton cloth does not transfer the heat of the sun to the skin, keeping the wearer cool. This same barrier also helps to keep a person warm in the winter by trapping the warmth from their body and not allowing the heat to escape easily.

Cotton as a fabric for cotton clothes has been woven to cover the human body for over 7,000 years. In that time many different weaves have been used to achieve different desired affects. A dense weave is used to help make the fabric weather resistant to help protect the wearer. Lighter weaves are also common which more easily breathe and help to remove moisture from the wearer’s skin.

Cotton is also hypoallergenic and is rarely the cause of any allergic reaction of the human skin. This nonirritating characteristic is the reason it is the preferred cloth for bandages and gauze. This same characteristic is in all of the cotton fabrics a person will ever wear.

One of the best reasons cotton is the preferred fabric for clothes are its durability. It has a high tensile strength that is advantageous for a fabric to possess. The characteristic most appreciated is its ability to stretch while remaining soft and comfortable to wear while resisting ripping and tearing when stressed. Unlike many other fabrics, cotton actually becomes 30 percent stronger when wet. This allows for the clothes that are made of cotton to last many laundry washings while still holding their shape and strength.

Cotton is a durable, absorbent, soft and breathable material that makes it possible for the wearer to be comfortable in their cloths. It is also static resistant and can withstand the heat of an iron to remove the wrinkles that might occur after it is washed. Clothes made of cotton last for years in normal conditions.

One characteristics of cotton that is also common is that the dyes used on them tend to fade over time. With blue jeans this is a desired effect. With other items the re-dying of the cloths is easily accomplished to bring back that new cloth appearance.

The soft feel of cotton next to my skin is what I always have and will prefer when wearing clothes. I never get a rash from them and they are always comfortable to wear.