Which Country Wears the most Cotton?

Posted by Douglas Gray on 19th Aug 2014

Which Country wears the most cotton clothes has to be China? This can be explained by looking at the statistics involving the cotton trade. China is the largest producer of Cotton in the world. China also has the largest population in the world. Because cotton is used in over 60% of all clothing worn today in one form or another, either 100% cotton textiles or blends, China is the leader in which country wears the most cotton clothes.

Cotton Vest

India comes in second place not only because they are the second largest cotton producer in the world, but also because they also have the second largest population in the world. Again since most clothing items made today have cotton in them, India is second.

Both of the countries above are considered developing countries, the people in them have fewer personal items in their lives. They do however account for 36.4% of the world’s population and even with the limited wardrobes each family has, they are the largest wearers and owners of cotton made cloths in the world. 

Third behind China and India is America in both population and cotton production. The difference with America is they are also the largest exporter of cotton to the world. They are also the top developed country in the world with the highest living standard on the list of nations. Because of this the wardrobes in America are significantly larger than most other households around the globe. 

The country with the fourth largest population is Indonesia. They are not a significant cotton producer but they do have a textile industry. With this combination of factors Indonesia is the fourth larger population that wears cotton in the world.

The next two countries on the list with high populations include Brazil and Pakistan respectively. These two countries are also major cotton producers but the order is reversed. While the difference in the populations is not significant, the production of cotton is. While an argument could be made for both of these countries to be considered fifth in the list of people that wear cotton, the most likely result would be Brazil followed closely by Pakistan. Again both of these countries are considered to be developing so the household wardrobes will be smaller than those of people living in America and Europe.

Russia is ninth on the list of populations in the world and does not have any significant cotton production but this land is a very cold climate. Because of that the average person wears many layers of clothing at once. This is the reason they climb the ladder in just what country wears the most cotton clothes to seventh.

There are no official numbers for just what country wears the most cotton available today. The above list is just speculation from the available statistics found about the world today. For most educated people, the list also makes logical sense.