I Love Cotton Clothes

Posted by Douglas Gray on 8th Aug 2014

I love cotton clothes because they feel soft against my skin and they are hypoallergenic. Another good thing about cotton is that it breaths easily so I will not become overheated while I am outdoors under the hot sun in the summer time. 

Cotton was the number one agricultural product for America before the boil weevil infestation in the 20th century. Today America is still third in its production of cotton in the world. This is the material that is spun and woven into all types of cloths and textiles for use as bed sheets, blankets and curtains. American just loves the feel of this soft fabric. It also accepts dye readily so no color under the rainbow is omitted from being present in a cotton made item.

Cotton Clothes Lover

This wonderful material has been around since the beginning of recorded history where it has been known to be used on every continent and country worldwide. That includes both warm and cold climates because of its versatility. 

Cotton by its nature is a fluffy fiber even after it is woven into cloth. This is why so many people love to wear it. The cloth itself does not rest on a person’s skin, but just above it. This is considered a buffer zone and why this particular type of material is worn both in hot climates and cold ones. This buffer zone protects a person from the temperatures around them to some degree. This cools the skin in the summer or keeps it warm in the winter. This is in contrast to synthetic materials that rest directly on the skin of the person wearing it. Most people also feel that synthetic materials feel scratchy next to their skin which is uncomfortable to wear. The only good thing about synthetics is they are nicer in appearance with fewer wrinkles than unironed cotton. Yes cotton can look good too without wrinkles but after it is washed it has to be ironed.

Cotton clothes and material has another benefit that no synthetic material has. Cotton can absorb moisture from the person wearing it. In the hot summer months the moisture from a person is easily transferred to the cotton material. When the wind or a breeze hits the cotton material, it acts like a cooling agent which reduces the temperature of the skin for all that are wearing this material. This makes it possible for each person wearing cotton to be more comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Cotton material is the preferred choice for most people around the world including Americans for their choice to wear on a daily basis. It is comfortable, easy to care for and wears very well. It comes in casual wear along with work cloths and formal wear. It also becomes stronger when it is wet unlike the fragile synthetic materials available today.