Mens 100% Heavy Cotton Crewneck Pullover Crew Sweatshirt

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Cotton Fabric Details

100% Cotton,

Cotton Fabric Details

100% Cotton:
The most luxurious, thick cotton fleece available anywhere on the planet.


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CottonMill Sweatshirts - Thick 100% Cotton yarn was used to make this ALL 100% Cotton Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt to give a lot of comfort. MADE IN CANADA. Although this item is 100% Cotton, there are trace amounts of lycra spandex in the trim.

Cotton Clothes Made In Canada

100% Cotton

We used the heaviest and best 100% Cotton yarn fleece to make this North American Made Crewneck Sweatshirt to give you maximum comfort. Plus, these Crewneck sweatshirts are known for a very generous fit, which makes them even more comfortable and relaxed. Waist ribbing and cuff ribbing has a trace of lycra spandex to give stretch, and durability. Generous sizing from S to XXXL. These CottonMill sweatshirts are made from 100% cotton yarns, Made in Canada!  Although this item is 100% Cotton, there are trace amounts of lycra spandex in the trim.

 Size Guide - Actual Garment Measurements S M L XL XXL XXXL
A: Chest / Bust circumference 46" 48" 50" 52" 54" 56"
B: Sleeve length from center of neck to end of sleeve 33" 33-33.5" 33.5-34" 35" 35.5-36" 37.5"
C: Body length from shoulder to bottom of hem 26" 27" 28" 29" 30.5" 32"
D: Hem circumference 33" 34" 38" 40" 44" 46"
E: Sleeve length from shoulder to end of sleeve 23" 23.5" 24" 24" 25" 26"
Cotton Clothing Size Chart


Let's talk about fabric weight!

The weight of fabric is typically determined by measuring the weight of a specific area (L x W) of fabric. The industry standard is defined and measured in grams per square meter (g/m²). However other measurements are used to make a garment appear heavier.

This garment ranges between
410 - 420gsm
(color dependent)

Most measurements that use the term "ounces" are intentionally designed to be ambiguoius. Ounces can mean: ounces per square yard (oz/yd²), ounces per square meter (oz/m²), or can even represent a linear measurement based on the width of the fabric bolt, usually but not always 54" (1.33m) which results in a 54" x 1yd or 54" x 1m.

This garment's ounce measurement ranges from 14oz to 22oz depending on which of the above measurements is used it is measured.

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Large 2" Cuffs

Flatlock seams

Cotton Fleece


Flatlock seams are a type of seam used in garment construction and textiles. They are commonly found in sportswear, activewear, and other clothing items where minimal bulk and enhanced comfort are desired. Flatlock seams are created by overlapping the edges of two pieces of fabric and stitching them together in a way that lays flat against the fabric surface, rather than creating a raised or bulky seam.

Here's how flatlock seams are typically made:

Overlapping edges: Two pieces of fabric are aligned with their edges overlapping. The amount of overlap depends on the desired seam width.

Stitching: Instead of the traditional overlapping or zigzag stitching used in regular seams, a specialized flatlock sewing machine is used to sew the edges together. This machine interlocks the two pieces of fabric, creating a strong and flat seam.

Seam finishing: After the flatlock stitch is complete, excess fabric and threads are trimmed to ensure a clean and neat finish.

Advantages of flatlock seams:

Reduced bulk: Flatlock seams create a smooth and flat finish, which reduces bulk and discomfort when the garment is worn close to the skin.

Comfort: Because there are no seam allowances on the fabric surface, flatlock seams reduce chafing and irritation, making them particularly suitable for activewear and sportswear.

Stretchability: Flatlock seams offer excellent stretchability, making them ideal for flexible and form-fitting garments that need to accommodate body movements.

Durability: The interlocking nature of the flatlock stitch provides added strength and durability to the seam, making it less likely to come undone during rigorous activities.


Cotton fleece is a type of fabric that is soft and fuzzy, similar to the fleecy wool of sheep. It is typically made from cotton fibers, which gives it its name. Cotton fleece has good insulating properties, making it suitable for cold weather clothing. It is often used in the production of cozy and comfortable garments such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and blankets.

Unlike synthetic fleece fabrics that are commonly made from polyester, cotton fleece is made from natural cotton fibers. This natural fiber content gives cotton fleece some distinct qualities. Cotton fleece is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and suitable for activities that may cause sweat.

These properties, combined with its softness and warmth, make cotton fleece a popular choice for loungewear and casual clothing.